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3 Qualities Math Tutors Must Have for the Online Setting

Math is a difficult subject for many students. No matter what age people find themselves, doing math seems like such a foreign concept. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as math is a skill built over time. Overall, tackling the subject boils down to the confidence of numbers and not being overcome by the intimidating nature of solving problems.

However, as an increasing number of students are shifting online, this can pose problems to how mathematics is taught and absorbed. Math tutors have to start adapting to online platforms to provide lessons and lectures to strengthen their students’ way of dealing with numbers. As the students grow through the years, their fears of math will subside the more they can solve equations and problems. Here are three qualities that every math tutor has to have when they shift online:

Expertise In Math

Math is complicated, and one cannot be a math tutor without a good understanding and knowledge of various concepts surrounding the study. It’s similar to how you wouldn’t trust someone who isn’t a licensed surgeon to conduct surgery; it just simply won’t work out in the end. Additionally, a tutor must also be a specialist of the same skillset as the one they are tutoring. An advanced calculus mentor might not be a good match for someone in elementary school, which is why they have to be a good match in terms of their expertise.

A mathematician who knows how to teach will understand each student’s needs and will be able to offer the right lessons to help overcome the fear of numbers. Expertise in math is more than just knowing the numbers; it also comes with knowing how and when to apply them in practice.

Flexibility for Students’ Needs

The online setting is challenging for everyone. It entailed plenty of adjustments on the parts of both students and educators. When tutoring for math, a tutor may deal with various personalities and technical difficulties. It can be challenging to draw the attention of a child who might be multitasking, and internet and connectivity issues can also play a huge role in tutoring’s success.

Aside from the setting’s adjustments, tutors also have to be flexible to meet students’ needs in one-on-one sessions. They’ll have to be attentive to a learner’s pace and try to explain things with simplicity to avoid getting lost. When younger learners are in the picture, tutors will have to ensure that they are equipped to keep students engaged and entertained with fun activities.

Passion for Education and Mathematics

While a tutor can be a math expert, if they are not passionate about teaching and sharing their expertise, the relationships they build with their students will not be meaningful. There is more to tutoring than the money involved, and while it is an excellent way to make extra money using an in-demand skill set, students will appreciate the passion put into tutoring. When a student experiences an educator who changes their learning perspective and discovers new ways to solve problems, they are likely to grow into better adults. With a passion and drive to be an educator, being a math tutor can bring more than just number-skills into an individual’s life.


Tutoring is more than just clocking hours in and out to teach young learners math. It takes plenty of personality traits to be an effective tutor that is beloved by their students. Overall, it’s the passion that drives some of the best educators, where growth is seen in a student’s stature.

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