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3 Ways to Manage Remote Learning Fatigue for Your Kids

Last year’s pandemic has brought everyone indoors, leading people to work and study from home for an indefinite period. Even though the vaccine is slowly becoming available throughout the world this year, it is still unclear when things can go back to normal, and families can go out again.

In the meantime, kids have to continue taking their classes virtually, that plenty of parents may have been noticing their children feeling exhausted after almost a year of online learning. Remote learning fatigue happens when a child learns their lessons behind a computer screen instead of in a traditional classroom setting, and they end up becoming distracted and uninterested.

If your child has been studying in school for several years before being forced to undergo remote learning, experiencing changes in their routine may affect them and lead to fatigue. Even the teachers have to go through the transition into remote learning just to continue teaching their students. Keep reading below to find out what you as a parent can do to make your child’s digital education more effective.

Reduce Unnecessary Screen Time

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of advanced technology has led the younger generation to form an addiction to social media and the internet. They would spend their free time glued to their electronic devices, from TVs and video game consoles to computers and mobile phones.

Now that kids need to take their classes online, electronic devices aren’t used solely for communication and entertainment anymore. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to plan your child’s screen time, so they can perform other activities that do not require staying online.

There are plenty of projects you can do with your child, such as learning a new hobby, playing board games and cards, making arts and crafts, and reading books. Giving your kid a break from staring into a screen for hours on end is a healthy solution to avoid remote learning fatigue from occurring.

Initiate Fun Learning Activities

Since students stopped having hands-on activities and needed to accomplish all their school work, quizzes, and exams online, remote learning fatigue became more apparent. There are specific subjects that require classroom guidance because they involve live demos and assisted experiments for children to acquire a better understanding.

You can make your child’s online learning more enjoyable by figuring out how to connect your usual family activities with their education. While going outside is limited because of the on-going pandemic, you can do your research and discover local places that have begun to reopen.

So long as you follow social distancing guidelines and ensure your family’s safety, you can consider visiting facilities that offer academic learning, such as science museums and art galleries. You can also try outdoor activities like immersing in nature and hiking to discover plants and animals nearby.

Hire a Tutor For One-on-One Lessons

Students taking remote learning right now typically experience fatigue when a particular subject or lesson doesn’t resonate with them because it lacks a connection. One way to help your child’s situation is to let them have one-on-one guidance through online tutoring services.

That way, the tutor’s attention is focused solely on them, and your child doesn’t have to keep up with the class or feel left behind whenever they tend to take it slow. Since hands-on activities are limited due to the current situation, a tutor can help students get back on track and regain their interest in learning.


Students and teachers have been struggling to get used to a virtual classroom since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a parent, you can help lighten the academic stress and remote learning fatigue of your child by making an effort to give them a more comfortable setup. You can strive to reduce unnecessary screen time, initiate fun learning activities, and hire a school tutor to provide them one-on-one lessons to help retain their focus and passion for learning.

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