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How Tutors Help Differently-Abled Students—5 Things to Consider

Every individual has their own learning curve. As such, schooling can be difficult at times due to the set curriculum that not everyone may be attuned to. It takes time to identify and learn what would best work for each student. It is for this reason that tutoring for kids becomes so appealing, as they are able to provide knowledge and empower those that they teach.

A great tutor would be able to assist any young student—regardless of ability or age—in accessing the potential they know they have. ADHD, dyslexia, PTSD and other exceptionalities don't make it impossible to have academic excellences;they just have to be taken into consideration when creating a learning plan.

But that’s not all a tutor can offer! Here are five things a tutor can provide that helps unlock the potential of students with exceptionalities:

1. A Safe Space

It can become frustrating for a student when so many people have many differing expectations. Parents and friends surely mean well with their intentions, but it can, at times, create a rift and make a student feel pressured—especially when the student has exceptionalities. This can be avoided when a tutor can present themselves as an older and reliable figure.

Tutors are able to provide comfort to a person with exceptionalities in a professional manner. They are aware of the hindrances and experiences children will experience in the near future—allowing them a unique point of view that can ultimately help them motivate their tutee to achieve their potential.

2. Encouragement

Handling homework and reviewing modules can prove to be a tedious task. Just being aware of that difficulty can lead to giving up even without trying. In this case, some words of affirmation can really go a long way in helping a young person’s self-esteem.

For example, an online math tutor can cheer on a student when they finally solve an equation on their own, or a science tutor can motivate a student to continue learning about the periodic table. Having someone believing in the student fully can open up the possibilities of them being more confident in their own skills and success.

3. Practice

Communication can be hard for a young person with exceptionalities. One’s environment and the people around them are the keys to having good communication skills. What makes a classroom difficult is that a “regular” teacher’s attention is divided due to the number of students they have. On the other hand, a tutor is focused on only one student—which would be better for their academic growth in the long run.

The one-on-one conversations a tutor and tutee have can open up space for more thoughts and questions. When they don’t understand something, they can voice it out without feeling like they’re behind. Tutors can also, in turn, ask the student if there’s anything else they would like to know without causing any embarrassment in their pupil.

4. Care

Being diagnosed with exceptionality can prove to be an isolating experience. It’s something they might struggle with for a good while, especially when they notice that their needs are different from others. Looking to other kids their age may affect the mental health of young people with exceptionalities. What’s important in countering that is treating them just as a person.

A caring tutor can provide empathy. Exceptionalities do not make anyone any less of a student or a human. These educators will constantly reaffirm this belief in moments when a student with exceptionalities is faltering. People with exceptionalities must know that they are able to obtain and feel fulfillment too!

5. Education

A tutor’s primary objective is to guide a student in learning. They can provide more direct education and knowledge on things that are taught in school. What separates them from teachers is that they are briefed about the struggles experienced both at school and at home. As such, lessons are personalized, and the education they give is beyond academic subjects.

Enlightenment on the basis of academics is possible, but having self-realization isn’t far-fetched either. It’s achievable when they receive the correct support, advice, and love in their lives. Tutors are experienced and skilled at giving such help.


It is an understandably daunting leap to be vulnerable and introduce someone else to help a student with exceptionality in their education. However, finding the best educator garners a lot of good results nonetheless. The positive outlook it entails for the student’s academic and personal life is well worth it.

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