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What You Should Know About the Benefits of Private Tutoring

Tutoring is a teaching method that is still widely observed even today. It can be performed by individuals or small groups to assist students with their learning. There are many opinions regarding private tutoring and whether it can be good or bad for the students. If you are a parent considering this service, this article will present the different perspectives and thoughts that you need to know about the topic.

The Opinion of Some Learning Institutions

Some independent schools discourage parents from taking advantage of tutoring because of the supposed unfair treatment it brings. To understand their point better, let us use the context of entrance exams.

Parents often hire tutors to prepare their children for an upcoming entrance exam. If done well, tutoring could bring the kids many advantages, such as new knowledge, techniques, more experience, and practice. Some learning institutions see this as an unfair advantage to other children.

Since not all can afford to get their tutors, not all students are given the same learning and opportunities. Tutored kids are often seen as having the upper hand for entering their school of choice. In short, tutoring could be considered a form of institutional discrimination against students with different socio-economic backgrounds.

Meanwhile, the story is different for parents. Those who know that their kids need help to keep up with the rest of the class would take advantage of a tutoring service. Some parents who want to help improve their children’s confidence and grades might also consider it. Essentially, it goes both ways. While tutoring could be considered an unfair advantage by some, it could be an equalizer to others.

The Other “Disadvantages” of Tutoring

Some see tutoring as a hindrance to children’s natural growth. They believe that kids become dependent on others when dealing with their studies. However, these opinions only arise because they misunderstand the actual definition of tutoring.

Their services often have expiration dates because their purpose is to guide and help them until they are ready to learn independently. They are meant to assist, inspire, and challenge the kids once in a while and not the other way around. They are also not there to do the kids’ homework on their behalf; their role is to instill proper learning techniques for better learning in the future.

Having tutors for a long time could mean that they are not sufficient ordoign their jobs effectively. It could mean that they are not fulfilling their purpose and a sign that your kids may not be learning anything.

How to Know If Your Child Need Tutoring

If you are thinking about hiring a tutor for your kids, here are some signs that you should:

  • You get a call from the school telling you some problems your kids encountered with their school attendance and performance.

  • Compared to other kids in the class, your child is experiencing a noticeable gap in academics.


Many see hiring a tutor as parents being competitive and pushing their kids too much, but it is not always the case. Children are not the same. Some may excel well on their own when it comes to academics, while others need special attention and guidance to keep up. Whether you need a tutoring service or not depends on many factors. As long as the intention is good and your child sees the service as something valuable to their learning, it is not harmful to try.

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